1. Cinema visitors accept our policy by purchasing the ticket.
2. Copies of our policy can be found in the cinemas and on our website.
3. In our cinemas, making video or voice recording is forbidden. Braking these prohibitions can lead to lawsuits and criminal law consequences.
4. We do not grant responsibility for the content seen in the advertisements, trailers, and movies.
5. The cinema reserves the right to change the program.
6. The services provided by the cinema can only be used at your responsibility.
7. The booked and unreceived tickets will be deleted 25 minutes before the screening.
8. The booked tickets can only be received at the cashier’s desk.
9. After leaving the cash register (for example, the booked ticket is for the wrong date) we do not accept complaints. 
10. Discounted tickets can only be purchased if the right documentation for the discount is shown.
11. Only the products purchased from the cafeteria can be consumed in the cinema.
12. There is no refund for the products purchased in the cafeteria in case a show is canceled.
13. For any programme, everybody needs to purchase tickets (for example police officers, soldiers, journalists)
14. In the case of personal ticket purchase, we can give a refund until the start of the movie.
15. In the case of online ticket purchase, please always check the title of the programme, the date, and when the programme begins. Please check your e-mail address. In the case of finding discrepancies, please contact our customer service.
16. A ticket can be canceled until 1 hour before the screening. In case of canceling the ticket purchased online, a full refund will be sent in the next 30 days.
17. There is no refund, in case of online ticket purchase before an hour of screening.
18. If a programme is canceled or cut in half due to technical difficulties, a refund can be requested at the cashier’s desk, or it can be transferred to another programme picked by the customer.
19. We do not take responsibility in case the programme starts with a delay, resulting in additional fees (parking ticket, traveling).
20. We reserve the right to not accepting reward tickets to certain programmes.
21. Disturbing objects (such as flag, lasers) are prohibited to be brought into the territory of the cinema.
22. The staff has the right of removing those whose behavior is incongruent or disturbs others.
23. Charges will be raised against those who damage the property of the cinema.
24. We do not take responsibility for the valuables brought into the area of the cinema.
25. The cinema can preserve the data of the security cameras placed around its territory. It can only be published within the framework of an official procedure, after an official request.
26. Smoking is not allowed on the whole territory of the cinema.
27. Pets cannot be brought in the cinema, except guide-dogs.
28. We do not take responsibility for any harm caused by another visitor.
29. For any other unregulated questions, the operative law is decisive.